Yu Tse Heng

PhD Candidate, Department of Management & Organizations

Foster School of Business, University of Washington


Schabram, K. & Heng, Y. T. (in-press). How other- and self-compassion reduce burnout through resource replenishment. Academy of Management Journal.

Heng, Y. T., Wagner, D., Barnes, C. M., & Guarana, C. (2018). Archival research: Expanding the methodological toolkit in social psychology. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 78, 14-22.

Manuscripts in Revision/Under Review

Heng, Y. T., Barnes, C. M., & Yam, K. C. (2nd R&R at JAP). Cannabis & creativity.

Heng, Y. T. & Fehr, R. (1st R&R at OBHDP). Self-compassion & helping.

Dodson, S. & Heng, Y. T. (2nd R&R at JOB). Self-compassion in organizations.

Selected Works-in-Progress

Heng, Y. T., Chi, N. W., Farh, C. I. C, & Wang, A-C. (finalizing). Abusive supervision & forgiveness. Target: JAP

Heng, Y. T., Khan, U. A., & Hafenbrack, A. (finalizing). Observed compassion. Target: OBHDP

Fulmer, C. A., Heng, Y. T., Song, Q., Lim, J. H., & Chen, Y. (finalizing). Dyadic trust. Target: Org Sci

Khan, U. A., Barnes, C. M., Heng, Y. T., & Wen, W. (writing). Awe-inspiring follower effects. Target: AMJ

Heng, Y. T., Reb, J., Chawla, N., & Masters-Waage, T. (writing). Caring patterns. Target: JAP

Heng, Y. T., Fehr, R., Schabram, K., & Patel, C. (data collection for Study 3). Self-compassion & compassion. Target: OBHDP