Yu Tse Heng

Doctoral Student, Department of Management & Organizations

Foster School of Business, University of Washington


Heng, Y. T., Wagner, D., Barnes, C. M., & Guarana, C. (2018). Archival research: Expanding the methodological toolkit in social psychology. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 78, 14-22.

Manuscripts in Revision

Schabram, K. & Heng, Y. T. (1st round R&R at the Academy of Management Journal). Compassion and burnout [Title redacted].

Selected Works-in-Progress

Heng, Y. T. & Fehr, R., (under review at the Journal of Applied Psychology). Self-compassion and helping [Title redacted].

Heng, Y. T., Chi, N. W., Farh, C. I. C, & Wang, A-C. (writing stage). Who takes the moral high ground?: The role of subordinate workplace ethical regard on forgiveness and prosocial responses to abusive supervision. Target: Journal of Applied Psychology

Fulmer, C. A. & Heng, Y. T. (data analysis for Study 2). Dyadic trust between leaders and followers: Asymmetry as a motivational force.

Heng, Y. T. & Fehr, R., & Schabram, K. (data collection for Study 2). (Self-)kindness begets (other-)kindness?: The effects of self-compassion expressions on perceivers’ compassion.

Heng, Y. T. , Avolio, B., Yamamoto, K., & Browning, A (data collection for Study 2). Are others better off than I am? How self-compassion reduces perceived self-peer experience discrepancies and its implications on wellbeing and performance.

Barnes, C. M., Heng, Y. T., Yam, K. C., Schmidt, A. (data collection). The effects of cannabis use on work behaviors.